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Career Anchor:
To be a pioneer in graphite industry development.
Strategic Target: 
Continuously forge ahead, insist on scientific development, make efforts on innovation, integrate all the efficient resources, and turns KIMWAN into a leading manufacturer in graphite industry in domestic and all over the world.
Development Strategy:
Scientific management, guaranteed quality, expand the market and improve benefits.
To gain the market share and brand with top-class quality and service
To customers: win-win cooperation and mutual development;
To products: highly responsible and meticulous;
To our staff: education and training, achievement of a successful life;
To society: legal operation and protect eco-system.
Enterprise spirit: 
solidarity, determined to develop and make the effort with times;
Learning and innovation, striving for excellence;
Keep pace with the times, serve the country.
Employment principle:
Open, fair, impartial;
He who has virtue and brilliance would get highly appreciated and assigned;
He who has virtue but ungifted would get trained and employed;
He who has talent without virtue would get limitedly employed; 
He who has no virtue or talents would definitely be refused.
Management concept:
Cohere heart and minds with culture;
Drive human with regulations;
Create life with brand.
Quality target:
To always achieve customer satisfaction.
Essence of corporate culture:
A.Honesty: to be honest with government, customer and cooperative partner; honesty between superior and subordinate;
B.Compete with ourselves, self-inspection once there is a problem and self-transcendence.
Code of personnel conduct:
Law-abiding, integrity and self-discipline, good service, linguistic civilization; 
Economize, correct instrument, neat and tidy, mutual solidarity;
Honest, attentive to social morality, co-operative and build civilization.